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Someone asked how I draw arms of varying proportions (like my demons, and my toons, and my “normal” people), and I struggled to put a guide together, so in the end I showed how I construct/sketch and then ink arms/hands of different shapes/proportions usually, and hope that’s helpful.

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Somehow, I can imagine Eridan standing outside Sollux’s place with a guitar singing this.

I am very aware that I have a burgeoning EriSol problem. Oh well.

Enjoy Jonathan Coulton, “Nemeses”.



The Aquabats- I Love the Monster!

When the chips are down
And it’s huge at bat
The people scream in pain
Under tears and rain
Will I stand alone?
Asking questions why
I look to that monster guy
With my only eye

Did you ever say to yourself, “Self, why the hell aren’t there enough songs about the Toxic Avenger?” It’s because the Aquabats did one, so any other attempts will just be futile.

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