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Here is what is stuck in my head today

Reminds me of me trying to speak spanish with my husbo

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Ever want to combine the music of the Aquabats with the action of One Piece? No? Anyone?

Well tough. Watch this because it is my favorite fan-made music video ever and makes me laugh every time.

Photo Set



"Get in"

the last photo is killing me because their facial expressions are all so in-character

  • Eaglebones all impressed because WHOA SHINY CAR
  • Ricky is ready to jump in the passenger seat, no questions asked
  • MCBC looks sort of put out because hey, he’s supposed to be the one calling the shots, not the robot!
  • And of course Crash just looks as confused and lost as always
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The Aquabats - Playin it Cool

She’s thinking I’m mysterious, because I haven’t said a word to her, not even once. I look away when she smiles at me, and soon she will see that I’m playin’ it cool, and that she really likes me.

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Photo Set


The Aquabats! vs. the Floating Eye of Death! (1999) CD booklet pages

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The Aquabats - Chemical Bomb

Literally the best song ever. 

Been singing this all day today.

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The Aquabats-Captain Hampton and the midget pirates

Feeling kind of inspired by this song to do something nifty. We’ll see if it goes anywhere. In the meantime, remember when everyone was into animated typography? That was sure a thing that happened.

But hot dang, I love me some Aquabats.

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The Aquabats! // Radiation Song

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Ever wonder what Sequence Erase would be like if it didn’t have any lyrics and was a whole lot shorter? This is the shorter instrumental-only version!

I do love the Aquabats.


Wanna hear an unreleased Aquabats track? Sure you do.





Artist: The Aquabats

Song: Chemical Bomb

Album: Aquatbats vs. the Floating Eyeball of Death

Floating Eye

ooooh, this song creeps me out if i listen to it too much.

Now for the bonus round: Which version of this song is better, this one, or the Wild Sea?

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Does anyone know where I might acquire an mp3 of the little jingle that plays during the “It’s a Cartoon!!” intro for the animated portion of the Aquabats Super Show? I need it for reasons.


I am so very excited to announce two things.

  1. I drank all the Bailey’s in the house.
  2. I found my Aquabats coloring book and it is not colored yet.

I might need to scan that thing. The coloring book not the drink. BEcause there is no drink left to scan and it’d ruin my printer at any rate.

Yes. Drunk on a Monday. What do you children say? That horrible acronym YOLO. Pfft. Carpe diem is so much more awesome.

Carpe diem.